Recreational Programs

All classes run in sessions.  Fall A, Fall B, and Summer are 8 weeks long; Winter and Spring are 12 weeks long.  There is a yearly registration fee of $48 per child or $84 per family due at the time of registration, and billed every year on the anniversary date of enrollment. You may choose to pay your session tuition in monthly installments (full-session commitment still required), or pay for the full session up front.  Please visit the General Information section for details on our registration and billing process.

Summer 2017: May 28 – August 5  (Closed May 30  & July 3-9)
Fall A 2017:  August 6 – September 30 (Closed September 4)
Fall B 207:  October 1 – November 25 (Closed November 23-25 for Thanksgiving ~ Schedule a makeup for cancelled classes!)
**Fall Session is 2 blocks of 8-weeks.  You can enroll in Fall A or Fall B only, or in both.
Winter 2017-18: Begins November 26

Open registration for each session begins approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of each session.

Not sure if a class is right for your child?  Request a no obligation TRIAL class! (Click “Register” below, and select Trial under status.)

Preschool Age Classes (Ages 18 months – 5 years)


Meets once per week for 45 minutes                                                                                     $79.00/month
Preschool Stars teaches beginning gymnastics skills in age-based classes that combine physical and cognitive learning to develop kindergarten readiness.  Children enhance their coordination while practicing important preschool concepts such as numbers, letters, sequencing, following instruction, and more.  Preschool Stars is a fun, safe foundation for future activities both in and out of the gym!

BabyStars (18 mos to 3 years)An introductory class where children participate with mom or dad

LittleStars (3 to 4 years) — A class for children who are prepared to participate in class on their own

ShootingStars (4 to 5 years) — A class where students learn gymnastics fundamentals

MINI NINJA (ages 3 1/2 – 5 years)ENROLL NOW! 

Meets once per week for 45 minutes                                                                                     $79.00/month
This class provides a safe place for kids who are always running and jumping around the house.  Students will have fun through active movement by running, jumping, climbing, and balancing throughout the gym.  Mini Ninjas is our pint-sized version of Xtreme Ninjas.

Register below, or search “Tumble & Tramp” on our Parent Portal!

Boys Recreational Gymnastics (Ages 5+)

Using a USA Gymnastics-endorsed curriculum, our objective is to help the boys have fun learning to use their bodies and minds together, while also learning the foundations of gymnastics. We will also incorporate values such as respect, hard work, team work, problem-solving, overcoming fear/obstacles to build self-confidence, dedication, and independence which will help boys throughout their lives.

Boys Gym Adventures
Meets once per week for one hour                                                                                 $95.00/month
Through obstacle courses, circuit training, games, and competitions, our Boys Gym Adventure students will experience a range of activities –running, climbing, rolling, jumping, swinging, hanging, pulling, pushing, and landing – which are the foundations of safe gymnastics training. Boys will become more active, burn energy, overcome obstacles, and learn skills and coordination that will help them in any sport they choose to pursue.

Boys Gym Stars
Meets once per week for 1.5 hours                                                                           $140.00/month
This program teaches a continuation of the USA Gym curriculum. In Boys Gym Stars, boys will learn beginner through advanced level gymnastics skills with an increased focus on details and presentation. Boys will also learn different strength exercises.

Girls Gym Adventures (Ages 5+)

Meets once per week for one hour                                                                                 $95.00/month
Girls Gym Adventures is an introductory, ongoing, and progressive gymnastics program. In each session, students will progress through skills in four areas: vault, bars, beam, and floor. Our curriculum is designed to suit all levels.

Girls Gym Stars (Ages 5+)

Gym Stars is our girls’ performance gymnastics class.  Students will learn gymnastics skills with a greater emphasis on details and presentation.  In our Fall and Spring sessions, athletes will also learn a routine that incorporates those skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor, then perform their routines in our bi-annual Gym Stars Performance (held in November and May). 

All students are invited to join Level 1!  Each student will mark off skills on their Skill BINGO Card as they master them.  When a student’s skill card is full, they can move into the next level (based on class availability).

Gym Stars Level 1 — Meets once per week for 1.5 hours                                    $140.00/month
Gym Stars Level 2 — Meets once per week for 1.5 hours                                    $140.00/month
Gym Stars Level 3 — Meets twice per week for 1.5 hours                                   $195.00/month

**Gym Stars Level 2 & 3 need coach approval to enroll!  We schedule evaluations during our Gym Stars 1 class trials. 

Tumble & Tramp (Ages 6+, Co-ed)

Xtreme Ninja 
Meets once per week for 45 minutes                                                                               $79.00/month
Our Ninja class will challenge students both physically and mentally by focusing on coordination, strength, agility, and body awareness through active movement.  This class will present new challenges through obstacles, trampoline, tumbling, and pit fun.
(Also, we have a Mini Ninja class for ages 3 1/2-5 years ~ A pint-sized version of our Ninja class)

T&T  Classes

Trampoline – Meets once per week for one hour                                                               $95.00/month
Trampoline class is structured through the progression of USAG Trampoline skills. Starting with the basics of proper jump technique and breakdowns, athletes will advance skills into intricate routines. Each class will include a  floor warm-up for body awareness and shape development, which will transition onto the trampoline surfaces.

Level 1- Meets once per week for one hour                                                               $95.00/month
This class is an introduction into Tumbling.  Athletes will focus on learning basic tumbling skills, as well as body awareness.  Some skills taught are:  cartwheels, handstands, and back-walkovers.  Once an athlete has mastered their back-walkover and other key skills, they will pass to Level 2 (movement to a new level is determined by coach).

Level 2 – Meets twice per week for one hour                                                           $175.00/month
In Level 2, the main skill focus is the back handspring.  Athletes will also work round-off back handsprings and front handsprings, and other intermediate tumble skills, while incorporating necessary strength exercises to support safe tumbling. Once an athlete has mastered their back handspring and round-off back handspring, they will pass to Level 3 (movement to a new level is determined by coach).

Level 3 – Meets twice per week for one hour                                                           $175.00/month
Focuses on running tumbling tucks and standing multiple back handsprings. Athletes will learn to create and transfer speed between tumbling skills with a variety of drills and strength exercises. Once an athlete has mastered their running tumbling tuck and standing 5 back handsprings, they will pass to Level 4 (movement to a new level is determined by coach).

Level 4 – Meets twice per week for one hour                                                           $175.00/month
Athletes will learn layouts and twists for both running and standing tumbling. Standing Tucks will also be incorporated into the weekly lessons. Athletes must be able to perform a running tumbling tuck and standing 5 back handsprings to enroll in this class.

Tumbling Clinics (Ages 6+, Co-ed)

Come join us for clinics focusing on Tumbling Skills. Kids will be learning different drills and techniques, as well as stretches, and some conditioning that will help them reach their goal of learning these skills. Clinics are perfect for athletes who desire tumbling for cheerleading teams/tryouts, or anyone who may need just a little bit of extra help gaining skills.

Back Handspring Clinics
June 2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th
July 14th, 21th, 28th
$20.00 per clinic

Back Tuck Clinics
June 2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th
July 14th, 21th, 28th
$20.00 per clinic

**All clinics are open to anyone (age 6+).  No registration fee.**