Our History

Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics was founded in Broomfield Colorado with 25 team level boys and 2 coaches in the year 2001. Fueled by a passion for childhood magic and the unique life learning that gymnastics has to offer, our community began to grow. Over the years, we have worked hard to innovate and improve, striving to serve local families in ever more meaningful ways.

Today, our multiple facilities see thousands of families go through their doors each week. We are also fortunate to be able to provide fulfilling jobs and careers for hundreds of coaches and administrative personnel that share in our love for children and help us to make our mission a reality.

We are all grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to participate in your family’s journey as your children learn and grow. We hope that our programs enrich your lives with valuable and powerful positive experiences!

Our Mission

At Xtreme Altitude, it is our mission: To provide premier childrens’ activity centers that fuel imagination and inspire dreams, while delivering the highest level of service and professionalism in our industry.

Our Unifying Principles

As a unified staff we believe that respect, trust, professionalism, teamwork, growth, balance, communication must all be employed in tandem for us to successfully accomplish out goals.

Our Teaching Principles

- Keep Kids Safe - Be Enthusiastic

- Be Engaged - Be Consistent

- Incorporate Creativity, Variety and Fun

- Keep Things Moving - Correct Children Appropriately

- Communicate Expectations

- Listen to Kids

- Point Out the Good

- Provide Daily Challenge and Success

- Always interact with Love and Compassion

Our Hopes

It is our hope that every child finds a place to thrive within our programs. We believe that regardless of ranging talents, goals, circumstances and needs that everyone can and should be allowed to benefit from these activities. We hope that through our work we can enrich the lives of the young people that participate in our programs.

Our Xtreme Team

Nate Ragland

Gym Manager
Nate has been involved in all aspects of gymnastics for almost 40 years! He was a high level competitive gymnast himself growing up and he has loved coaching since he began at 15 years old. Over the years, Nate has had the opportunity to coach gymnasts of all levels and ages and he finds the most joy helping kids overcome their struggles and reach their goals.

Amber Hill

Girl's Team Coordinator
Amber’s love for gymnastics started at just 5 years old! She competed as a junior and on the NCAA Division II gymnastics team at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. During college, Amber started coaching full time, where her love for the sport grew even more. In her spare time, Amber likes to hike, kayak, and participate in animal shelter programs.

Garison Clark

Girls Program Director
Originally from Connecticut, Garison started coaching gymnastics at the age of 15. He went on to compete on the men’s club team at Syracuse University in New York and later founded the New York Alliance GymACT Team. Over the years, Garison has coached, judged and managed both men’s and womens gymnastics from preschool all the way to senior elite athletes!

Our Facility

Xtreme Altitude has been in the Lafayette area since 2006 and we moved into a brand new facility in August 2015. This 32,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility boasts 3 full-size spring floors, 4 loose-foam pits, 3 Eurobed trampolines, a 40-foot tumble trak, a rod floor, 6 vault runways and full sets of equipment for all men’s and women’s competitive events.

There are also designated developmental class areas, bluetooth-capable sound systems, 2 private birthday party/conference rooms, and bleacher seating for 500+ spectators at events.