X-League Girls Contract Spring 2020

X-League Girls

Contract Spring 2020


We are excited that you are able to be part of our Xtreme family! At Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics, we understand that committing to a competitive program requires dedication from athletes and parents and is a significant investment of time and resources. Below are condensed policies from our X-League Girls Handbook Spring 2020, as well as date and financial information for the upcoming Spring 2020 X-League Girls Competitive Season. These policies are intended to clarify the commitments required of X-League Families. Our overall goal is for our athletes to be safe, successful, and competitive throughout their season. If you need further explanation or clarification on any of the policies below, please contact the XA Recreational Director.


Program Policies

Athlete Practice & Placement:

Xtreme Altitude reserves the right to:

  • Change practice schedules as needed.
  • Change coaching assignments as deemed necessary.
  • Cancel or add practice when necessary without financial adjustment.
  • Place athletes in the levels we deem appropriate.
  • Scratch athletes from competition on any or all events if necessary.
  • Revoke membership of any child or family whose actions are not in the best interest of the program, which does not entitle the family to a refund of any fees paid to that point.
  • XA does not offer makeup classes for X-League members.
  • XA highly recommends all X-League members to attend the one week X-League summer camp (3 or 5 day option) in addition to normal practice.
  • Adjust tuition as deemed necessary to remain competitive within the industry.



  • Xtreme Altitude will make every effort to thoroughly communicate information to our X-League families, which includes the extensive use of email and websites, as well as our X-League Girls Handbook, handouts, posted signs, phone calls, and mandatory parent meetings.
  • We will be available to meet with individual families as needed throughout the course of the year.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to know what is going on in the program at all times. Please check email daily and refer to the X-League website for information on meet schedules/details, policy questions, upcoming events, etc.
  • Emails and voicemails are to be used only to relay general information. Parents must set up a meeting with the coach or Recreational Director to discuss concerns related to their athlete.
  • Concerns about the gym, a policy, schedule, or a coach should be discussed only with a manager at Xtreme Altitude, not with lower-level staff members, other parents, or athletes.


  • Parents are not permitted to use flash photography during warm-ups or competition.
  • Parents are not permitted to coach from the stands or when the gymnast comes on the floor.  Parents are not permitted on the competitive floor during warm-up, competition, or awards.


Drop Policies:

I understand that Xtreme Altitude:

  • Requires a 4 month enrollment commitment during the competitive season (February-May 2020).
  • follows recreational program drop policies outside of contracted competitive months.

I understand that if I choose to drop from this program after signing the contract that I am fully responsible for all competition fees listed below.


Injury Policies:

Each injury will be reviewed on an individual basis.

  • Only injuries that limit workouts for more than 30 days will merit fee adjustments.
  • Tuition only will be prorated based on the adjusted workout time. No other fees are subject to adjustment due to injury.
  • Athletes must report an injury immediately during workout.
  • Parents/athletes must report an injury before workout if it occurred outside the gym. Parents must communicate all medical diagnoses and treatments. Injured athletes must still attend practice for adjusted workout, unless otherwise advised by their doctor.
  • If workouts are to be modified, parents must provide a note from a doctor or physical therapist outlining timing/frequency and allowed exercises/activities for workouts.


Important Spring 2020 Dates:

  • June 29th-July 3rd:  X-League Break
  • July 20th- 24th: X-League Camp

Meet Schedule 




April 18th-19th

Timberline Gymnastics

Fort Collins, CO

April 25th

Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics

Lafayette, CO

May 23rd-24th

Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics

Lafayette, CO


Financial Commitments

There are two areas of cost associated with X-League: training costs and competition costs. Training costs, including tuition and the Xtreme Altitude membership fee, are a year-round expense and are directly related to the training of each X-League member. Competition costs are the hard costs of competing and are due during a three-month span during season. Below is an explanation of the costs, as well as estimated and actual costs for this year. ALL the fees listed below are non-refundable unless otherwise noted.


Tuition Costs:

X-League tuition is billed to a credit card on file on the 1st of each month. No tuition adjustments are made for long/short months or cancelled/added practices unless practice hours are permanently increased or decreased.


Competition Costs:

Total =


Payment Schedule – 

The two payment options are listed below. These are the only options available and each family must choose one option.  

  • “One-Payment” method (cash, check or credit card) = $500 due February 15th
  • “Three-Payment” method (auto pay with a credit card only) = $166.67 due February 15th – April 15th. *default method


**Please indicate “3” or “1” in the box below to select your billing schedule.

Other Costs:

USAG Athlete Registration Fee – $29 (Bronze & Silver) OR $61 (Gold)

Uniform Costs – Approximately $60 (Bronze & Silver) for required items, brand new OR Approximately $75 (Gold) for required items, brand new

Travel Expenses – Xtreme Altitude is not responsible for booking travel or covering any travel costs associated with the athletes and their families.

Refund Policy:

I understand and accept that I am making a commitment to pay the full amount of all fees, regardless of whether or not my child attends or competes the entire season.  All fees listed are non-refundable, unless otherwise noted in the handbook.  Tuition and uniform costs will vary per athlete and may change during the course of the season.  They are therefore not included in this contract. However, I understand and accept that I may be required to purchase a uniform for my gymnast for the 2020 season in addition to the fees outlined in this contract.  I also understand and accept that tuition is billed on a monthly basis and that I am financially committed to a 4-month competitive season (February- May).  I also understand that if the hours of practice time change at any point during the season, I may owe additional tuition.  I also understand and accept that I am responsible for any collection fees, lawyer fees or court costs associated with upholding this contract if I fail to meet the financial obligations.

I have read and agree to the policies listed in the X-League Girls Handbook Spring 2020.

I have read and agree to Xtreme Altitude’s Child Abuse Prevention Policy (CAPP).

I have received the Meet Schedule.

Athletes are entered into all competitions and billed accordingly. If your athlete cannot participate in any of these competitions, you must email us by Wednesday, February 5th. Athletes who are scratched from a meet after being entered (i.e., injury or illness) will still be billed the applicable meet entry fee.


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